Technical difficulties!!!

When I log in to my word press I see the site I created….which looks pretty good. BUT, when I just pull up my site from the internet- (what everyone else views) It looks like this…..whaaaa whaaa whaaaaaa! Two thumbs down….I know! Something about configurations and site domain? I dunno, foreign language. If you know anything about website building or maintenance, help a girl out would ya?


I’ve caught the travel bug….

I love to travel! I can’t say I’ve done a whole lot, compared to seasoned travelers.  But I’ve done enough to be comfortable with planning all the details myself.  And just enough to know I’M ADDIICTED and I want every extra penny I have to go towards my next trip, and the one after that, and the one after that!

I love little trips to California that are just a car or short plane ride away; however, my latest passion is traveling abroad!

I always dreamed of traveling to faraway lands……but thought you had to be wealthy for such vacations.  THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

Make a plan (pick an amazing place you’ve always dreamed of), set a budget (even if it seems slightly unrealistic to save) and start your research!  The trip may be only 6 months away, or like our first big Europe trip- 3 long years away!!   But we did it and let me tell you……IT WAS EPIC! (and totally worth the wait)   *Maybe you’ve never traveled at all and you have no idea what a trip would cost; start your research first & then you can gauge how much you’d need to start saving.

Tips I’ve learned:

Never book the first flight you find, even if it seems like a great price.

Don’t book a hotel without shopping around! (It is possible to stay in a 4 star for 2 star pricing!)

Last, use the heck out of those third party sites:  Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia,, etc!

If you are unsure how those work or why their prices seem too good to be true, just ask me!  I can pretty much only travel using super sweet deals, so I’ve used them all!

One last thing, look to the travel bloggers and vloggers (the experts I strive to become!).  They are full of knowledge, experience, and have worked out the kinks by their own past mistakes making your trips even smoother.  (If you follow their advice!)

As I begin to plan future vacations, I’m here to share my tips and tricks showing you that dream destinations are possible even on a small budget!

P.S. I’m currently planning a Caribbean cruise for our family of 5 in September, and researching how to backpack Europe in 2019!! (Cause I want to stand where he is standing!)